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The Pursuit of a Brave New World in International Law

The Pursuit of a Brave New World in International Law presents critical perspectives on various inter-related themes in the areas of human rights, international law, terrorism and international criminal justice. […]

Kobe University, Special Lectures

From the 13th to 23 April, Dire Tladi will present a series of lectures on international law relating to peace and security at the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies, at Kobe University […]

Law on the use of force against non-state actors

One of international law’s primary objective is the maintenance of international peace and security, yet the world remains an unsafe world.  One tool that international law has to achieve its […]

The Immunity Provisions in the AU Amendment Protocol: Separating the (Doctrinal) Wheat from the Normative (Chaff)

(2015) Journal of International Criminal Justice
In June 2014 the African Union adopted a Protocol to expand the jurisdiction of the African Court by adding a criminal chamber. This Protocol provides […]