Dire Tladi's Latest and Most Popular Publications

The Immunity Provisions in the AU Amendment Protocol: Separating the (Doctrinal) Wheat from the Normative (Chaff)

(2015) Journal of International Criminal Justice
In June 2014 the African Union adopted a Protocol to expand the jurisdiction of the African Court by adding a criminal chamber. This Protocol provides […]

When Elephants Collide it is the Grass that Suffers: Cooperation and the Security Council in the Context of AU/ICC Dynamics

(2014) 7 African Journal of Legal Studies 381
This articles explores the tense the triangular relationships between the African Union, the International Criminal Court and the Security in the light of […]

The African Union and the International Criminal Court: The Battle for the Soul of International Law

2009 34 South African Yearbook of International Law 57
In this article, Tladi assesses the relationship between the ICC and the African Union, mainly from a political context.
On 3 July 2009, […]