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The African Union and the International Criminal Court: The Battle for the Soul of International Law

2009 34 South African Yearbook of International Law 57
In this article, Tladi assesses the relationship between the ICC and the African Union, mainly from a political context.
On 3 July 2009, […]

Marine Genetic Resources on the Deep Seabed: The Continuing Search for a Legally Sound Interpretation of UNCLOS

International Environmental Law-Making and Diplomacy 2008 65
The UN Law of the Sea Convention provides that the deep seabed and its resources are the common heritage of mankind. One implication of […]

The Right to Diplomatic Protection, The Von Abo Decision and One Big Can of Worms: Eroding the Clarity of Kaunda

(2009) 1 Stellenbosch Law Review 12
In the Von Abo decision, the Pretoria High Court considered whether an individual had a right to diplomatic protection from the South African government in […]

Fuel Retailers, Sustainable Development and Integration: A Response to Feris

(2008) 1 Constitutional Court Review 255
Through a response to an article written Professor Feris, this article provides a critique of the Constitutional Court’s conceptualization of sustainable development.
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