From the 13th to 23 April, Dire Tladi will present a series of lectures on international law relating to peace and security at the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies, at Kobe University in Japan.  The programme will touch on the institutional mechanisms for the maintenance of international peace and security, including the United Nations Security Council, General Assembly and the African Union.  A particular focus will be some of the challenges, including mandate creep/competition but also challenges of fairness and equity in an architectural system that might play an important role and yet has problematic designs.  At a substantive level, the series of lectures will look at the normative framework on peace and security, including the law on the use of force as well as the normative responses to issues like terrorism and piracy. A lecture series on peace and security would be incomplete without addressing the emergence of international criminal justice as integral part of the international community’s desire to “save succeeding generations from the scourge of war.”