About Blood in the Sand of Justice

Blood in the Sand of Justice is a novel with many levels. On the most superficial, but perhaps most entertaining level, it’s about the Protagonist’s, Tolamo Moagi, search for the killer of the Prosecutor.

It is this basic premise that takes us through the chaotic streets of Addis Ababa, quiet of Hartford, Connecticut, the conflict of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, cosmopolitanism of New York City and the wealth and grandeur of Geneva. In the search for the murderer, we meet the affable Patrick Mooner, enigmatic Dieter Kraft and the boisterous General Kasereke.

But this basic international crime thriller sets the backdrop for a more pedagogic function. It reveals, while entertaining, the inner-workings of important international institutions that are often clouded in mystery. The stories are fiction, of course, but the structures and operations accurately reflect the working of institutions like the United Nations Security Council and, of course the International Criminal Court. Throughout the telling of the basic story, the author reveals the nuances and complexities of politics surrounding these institutions, while allowing the readers to come to their own conclusions about current debates.

At another level, the story is about the indomitable human spirit. It’s about the promise that even in the darkest hours, there is a hope of redemption. We meet the protagonist, Tolamo Moagi, at his lowest, professionally and personally. Through the journey of the novel, we see him battle the demons that led him to his downfall.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this novel and I hope the readers will enjoy reading it, at least half as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Dire Tladi
Author of Blood in the Sand of Justice

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